What New Horse Owners Need to Know

What new horse owners need to know

Owning a horse is a great experience, but every new owner needs to be prepared to take care of their horse properly. Horses are not very high maintenance unless you are planning to keep your horse inside full time which is only necessary if you are competing regularly; horses generally prefer to live outside with others where possible, and it is easier to keep them this way.

Plan ahead for your Horse Training

Horses need space to be turned out, and grass to graze so make sure you have this in place before you bring your new horse home. If you are sharing with others, then check that the other hoarse have all their shots and are wormed regularly so that your horse does not catch an illness or worm burden from them. Walk the perimeter of the paddock and check that all the fencing is sturdy and that there are no poisonous plants or tress within the field or within reach, and check that the water supply is clean; if you have to manually fill a trough then bear in mind that you will need to do this at least every day, so it is better to find grazing with a water supply. Your horse will also need shelter from bad weather or hot sun, trees will be sufficient for the sun and often for rain as well, although it is always useful to have a stall to hand in case of an accident or illness

Stock up

Your horse will need a range of things that can be expensive initially, but will last for years if well looked after. If harness and saddle are not included you will need to buy these, as well as a halter, lead rein and rugs either for warmth in the winter or to keep flies off in the summer months. A grooming kit will include the brushes and combs that you need to keep your horses coat free of tangles and mud, and you should check your horse’s hooves daily for stones if they are kept out full time. Horses that live out will generally not need extra food in the winter, but you may want to give a little to ensure your horse gets all the vitamins that it needs; the quality of the pasture will determine what you should give. If you live in a colder climate where the grass stops growing over the winter months then you will need to give you horse extra food at this time; hay should be provided and horses should be fed little and often as their digestive system is designed for grazing.

A horse is a great animal to own, they are generally loyal and friendly but are also a big responsibility as you need to provide everything they need. The most important basics are food, water and shelter, but as horses are herd animals they can be very unhappy living alone so some kind of company will make your horse much happier, even if it a simply a goat or sheep.

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